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Tattoo Aftercare

We use a combination of clean practices and cutting-edge aftercare to ensure each tattoo has the easiest possible healing experience and strongest image quality in settled skin.

The First Day

After the tattoo has been completed, the Tattoo Artist will give tattoo a series of wipe-downs to thoroughly clean the site of the tattoo. The artist will then apply a thin medical adhesive film to the cleaned area to completely cover the tattoo.


FOR OUTLINES ONLY: Leave the tattoo covered with the film for 5-6 FULL DAYS.


FOR HEAVY SHADING/COLOR: Leave the tattoo covered with the film for 6-7 FULL DAYS. It is common for the tattoo to seep excess ink and fluid overnight after the tattoo session. Your artist will consult you about what to expect based on the reaction of the tattoo at the end of the session.

Healing Process

While the tattoo is covered in the aftercare film, it is important to maintain the integrity of the film as much as possible. PLEASE AVOID picking at the edges of the film; soaping and scrubbing on or around the film in the shower; heavy exercise or sweating while wearing the film; taking baths or swimming/soaking in bodies of water. Showering is still encouraged during this time! At about day 3, the tattoo may begin to itch beneath the film covering.


PLEASE DO NOT SCRATCH THE TATTOO. To aid in the relief of symptoms of itchiness, the client may lightly and repeatedly smack the tattoo. The client is also encouraged to avoid exposure of the tattoo to direct sunlight in order to maximize long-term image quality of the tattoo.


When it is time to remove the adhesive film, it is best done in shower just before shutting off the water stream. Carefully pick up the top edge of the film and gently pull the film down, moving parallel to the body to avoid irritation. Gently scrub the tattoo with clean fingertips using mild liquid soap, such as Dial Gold or Softsoap. Do not use body wash or bar soap! Try to clean off any dried material and loose dead skin on the surface of the tattoo. Any additional peeling of the tattoo will happen at its own pace.


With the tattoo exposed to the elements, it is vital to keep the tattoo moisturized during this time. Please use a water-based fragrance-free lotion or moisturizer on the tattoo every 2-4 hours, or if the tattoo is itchy, during waking hours, for the next 2 weeks. The client should also continue to avoid direct sun exposure to the tattoo during this time as well, or regularly apply a gentle sunscreen with an SPF of 50 if sun exposure is unavoidable for any extended time.

Special Attention

Our studio is committed to keeping the tattoo and our equipment as clean as possible. There may still be a small chance that infection can occur due to factors outside of our control once the tattoo is out of the studio.


Symptoms to watch out for are excessive redness and soreness on and directly around the tattoo including swelling of the regional surface, and a discharge of yellowish or whiteish fluid. If these symptoms occur, notify your tattoo artist, and PLEASE SEEK A MEDICAL DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. Get on a regimen of antibiotic medicine. Regularly wash and clean the tattoo with antibacterial soap until the infection is eliminated from the site of the tattoo.

In Summary

Keep the film on for the recommended period of time by your tattoo artist.


Don’t exercise or expose the tattoo to direct sunlight while it is covered.

Don’t scratch the tattoo if it is itchy, ever.

After removal of the film, keep the tattoo moist with a tube of water-based fragrance-free lotion for the next 2 weeks.

Don’t swim or soak the tattoo in bodies of water for 4 weeks, but keep showering!

Don’t expose the tattoo to contact with dirty surfaces or fingers.

Keep it clean!

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