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Book a Tattoo with Paul

Our artists are committed to crafting custom tattoos that are as beautiful and unique as each client we work with.

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Booking Process

There’s a lot that goes in to making a custom design per tattoo, and unfortunately we are not mind-readers! When reaching out to one of our artists about booking an appointment, the initial message should at least include: your Full Name, DOB, photos of the area on your body for tattoo placement, a clear and detailed description in your own words about your idea, and any reference images for inspiration and guidance for the artist. Sending a short or vague message without any content about the tattoo design itself may disqualify you from consideration with your selected artist.


Each artist will have a unique means of handling requests and communication. After your initial request has been sent, it may take some time before receiving a response, based on volume of messages and workload. Please be patient! In general, messages are responded to in the order of which they are received, in the spare time that we have. Designing for and crafting a tattoo is an energy- and time-consuming process, and we strive for each tattoo to be crafted to the high standard to which we hold ourselves.

Click the button below to be redirected to Paul's Submission Form to book for July, August, and September!

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