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Inclusive tattooing & piercing in Binghamton, NY

Upcoming Guest Spots & Events

Curious if we're going to be attending a convention near you sometime soon? Or about which fantastic artists we'll have in the studio doing guest spots? Wonder no longer - below are the events and guest spots we have coming up in the near future. Check back in for any changes.

paul's Books open June 26 at 12pm

Paul's books are opening to take on NEW PROJECTS for the months July, august, and September! Be sure to visit Paul's website (linked in 'book with Paul' from the websites' menu) to find a link to his booking form. He also has a post on Instagram (@paulflatfish143) detailing what he is looking for with new projects, so be sure to check it out!

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About Our Shop

The Golden Fleece was founded in 2020 during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, with the goal of creating a beautiful, safe and inclusive space for our clients to receive the highest-quality tattoo and piercing services. We are located downtown in the heart of the Binghamton area, right along the riverwalk next to the Main Street bridge.



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